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Essential Equipment For Home Workouts

After spending a good few years regularly going to the gym 3-5 times per week I have, most recently, been spending more time working out at home. Whilst going to the gym is great, being surrounded by people all with the same attitude and goal as yourself can work wonders to your motivation. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to mix things up a little, which is exactly what I’ve done.

To be effective with your home workouts you do need equipment that’ll help you achieve your goals, what ever your goals are. I’m not saying go buy a bench with a stack of weights because realistically most people just don’t have the room or the money.

The following list is based on my own experience when working out at home, below you’ll find some equipment which in my opinion is perfect for the job.


If your serious about working out at home then you shouldn’t be without a pair of these. The amount of different exercises associated to this piece of equipment are almost endless. The beauty of dumbbells is that they’ll target every major muscle group due to free movement.

Medicine Balls

The medicine ball is most used in resistance training, usually size relating to a football. They are compact, easy to handle and you can bounce them. I use them mostly for lunge and twist exercise work targeting the lower body, such as abdominals.

Exercise Bands

These are great for a number of reasons, they are small, cheap and the variation of exercises available to you are impressive. They can be attached to doors via an attachment. Most commonly used for resistance training, and also can be used for cardio by increasing your speed.

Skipping Ropes

One of the best cardio workouts available. Ropes come in a variety of different sizes, colours. Important to make sure it’s the right size in length as it’ll improve your skipping and it’ll be easier to maintain a good rhythm.

Kettle Bells

The Kettle Bells are a great form of resistance cardio due to the level movement involved in the swinging motion. Lots of different exercises can be performed that target almost every single part of the body. Due to the nature of the exercises I would recommend care when doing them. They can vary in price and size, and they are easily stored.

Your own body weight?

Yes! You can do something called Plyometrics. Plyometrics are quick powerful movements which can blast away fat. Performing these for as little as 15 minutes per day can work wonders. Exercises such as squats jumps, high knees and sprinting on the spot all qualify. The most famous of the exercises would be the burpee.

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There you have it, I hope you have found the above information helpful. Right I’m off for some exercise!

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